Heritage International School, Kaithal follows the curriculum prescribed by NCERT although by best possible books. As per CBSE guidelines, the curriculum is aimed at CBE (Competency based education). To execute curriculum in true spirit, every teacher is acquainted with learning outcomes (LO) of each chapter of his/her subject. Curriculum is art-integrated to make learning joyful and skill based. Not only this the focus of curriculum is centered to instill value-education to train mind to acquire life skills too. The curriculum execution rests on effective teaching methods experiential learning.


Annual Report

It is proud moment to realize that the school has been imparting competency based education to students from all walks of society. The consistent efforts of school have changed behaviour, skill set and vision of masses. The efforts have been around i.e. improvement in 21st century skills viz. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Art of Communication and many life-skills.

The year-round achievement  are mirror of the school’s vision. Academics are the soul of an institution. We achieved 98.4% Result for academic session 2018-19 for Grade X. In Maths and Hindi  7 and 5 students got A1 respectively. In session 2019-20 school acquired many achievements. At National Level Kho-Kho tournament our students Mohit of std. X participated which is a matter of great proud for institution. At National Level  in Qwan-Ki-do competition Richa (Std. VIII) and Yuvraj (Std. I) got II position.

There are State Level  achievements also. Our Kho-Kho boys team won III position in State Level Competition. In CBSE Games our U-17 Boys Kho-Kho  team won III position. Our students got two Gold, one Silver and four Bronze medals at state Level Taekwondo Championship. Our U-14 and U-17 Boys Kho-Kho team won I positions at District Level Kho-Kho tournament. Our U-17 and Under-19 four girls Kho-Kho players participated at District Level Kho-Kho competition (Haryana School Games) and their teams won II and III positions.

Our student Mehak Malik Won I,II,II positions respectively in district level 100M Relay Race, 100 M Race, 200 M Race. Scanchit of Std-VIII Got I position at District level Taekwondo Championship. Kuljeet and Richa of VIII std got silver medals in 18th district level Wu-Shu Championship. Our U-11 Boys Kho-KHo team won II position at block level. Similarly U-14 Boys Kho-Kho team also got II position at Block Level. Our U-14 boys got 4 positions in Block level Kabaddi tournament. In 100 M Race Mohit of Std.IV stood II at Block level. U-17 Boys Kho-Kho team won 1st position at Block Level .In U-14 group Ansh got I position at Block level in 100 M Race. Sanchit of std.VIII got I position in Taekwondo Block level tournament organized under umbrella of Haryana School Games. Our U-17 Girls Kho-Kho team got II position at block level. Our students got I,II,III positions at Block level200 M Race, 100M Race and 400 M Race respectively.

In district level Group Song  singing (Hindi and Sanskrit) competitions organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad our teams got I (Hindi) and III(Sanskrit) positions. In Bharat Jano quiz contest our Junior team(VI-VIII) got I position. In Inter School Quiz competition Battle of brains our school got III position. There were Hub of Learning Competitions in which our school got I position in Volley Ball Competition. Sanchit got I position in Long Jump, Samar got I position in 100 M Race and Ansh got I position in 200 M Race. Our teams of students got II position in Relay Race. In Inter school declamation contest our two students Got I and II position. It was also a HOL competition.

From May 29 to June 3 students attended Rajya Purskar Scout and Guide Competition at Taradevi Simla where they learnt many activities like Tie a rope, Flag song, Yoga and discipline.

In District  lavel competition our school got different positions in different competition held at Bal Bhawan Kaithal on the Occasion of Children’s day. Himanshi stood I in on the spot Sketching competition. Our team stood III in Quiz competition Vanshika got consolation in Fancy Dress Competition, Yashmeen and Kuljit got  consolation prizes in best dramabaaz competitions. Anu of std.IX got I position in Kalash Decoration competition at district level. Himanshi and Anu participated at State Level Sketching on the Spot anf Kalash Decoration competition respectively. Students also participated in different Science and Maths Olympiads which help in enhancing their scientific and Mathematical skill.

Lastly, we can say, we always focus on supporting all students  to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally. We are committed to help each child to reach his potential.


Details of Teachers Training

 Competency based In-house training programmes are conducted by school every year in 6 days each in summer vacation as well as in winter break. Demonstration lessons are presented to present art-integrated and skill based teaching. This generates an environment of introspection and self appraisal among teachers. All teachers learn from each other.

Teachers  have been attending the different capacity Building programmes planned by COEs. These training are attended by subject experts. Although teachers are also given opportunity to enrich and refresh their thinking horizon in different areas like Life Skills, Remodelled Assessment,Teaching Strategies, Class Room Management, Inclusive and Inclusion Strategies, Gender Sensitivity, Stress Management, Values Education.

These enriched faculties have to disseminate their experiences and benefit those who couldn’t attend. Hence all teachers get benefitted from all CBP.