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It comes in the pink you see here in women’s sizes, as well as white and black in both men’s and women’s sizes. This shoe feels plush inside with padding around the ankle and a more cushioned sole than most barefoot shoes. They felt immediately comfortable with no break in time, and I can see them being a really nice first barefoot shoe for beginners. Since I usually prefer an extra thin shoe, I removed the insole. But then I found that the inside didn’t feel very nice without it, so I replaced it with a thinner one .


Its flexion improves one’s ground feel as well, so it’s much easier to flex and propel through the toes. We have been walking for about 3 miles so far today in these, on a variety of terrain. Every pair of these shoes is custom made specifically for your foot, as I demonstrated in the article below. You will see how I went about creating my custom barefoot running sandals. For those interested in Xero Shoes as a possible running “shoe,” our conclusion is more nuanced.

How to Choose Minimal and Barefoot Shoes

If you fatigue and push through, it may result in injury. Given the higher demands placed on the foot with minimalist footwear, it is highly recommended to very gradually transition to running if you are making a move to minimalist footwear. Overall, the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes are a great choice for runners who want a natural, barefoot-like feel when they run.

While it’s thicker, it’s actually 20% lighter than the Z-Trek. It’s so light that it takes three pairs of Z-Trails to weigh as much as an average sandal. The black parts are more grippy and have better traction than the grey parts, so there might be a risk of falling if you step on slippery surfaces with the wrong part of the sole. I used the size guide that you can print and match your feet size to.

Following an injury prone reintroduction into sprinting after a 30 year break, Steven was introduced to the concept of barefoot running. The injuries eventually dissipated and Steven began producing barefoot sandals, based on huarache styled sandals, similar to those worn by the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico’s Copper Canyon. These are zero drop shoes so there is not supposed to be an arch support.

Men’s Shoes

I felt very secure stepping over rocks, tree stumps, and anything else that may come up on trail. Having peace of mind and trust in my hiking boot is crucial for me, and Xero delivers. My biggest wish is for a proper winter solution without having wet or damp feet all day.

According to it, it seemed that size 10 was the perfect size for me. While there is relatively quite a bit of branding on the sandal, the placements and color treatment of the branding are subtle enough for you not to notice it unless you look closely. You also want to note that the sandal will have a pretty unstructured look after some wear. I kind of like it since it looks like you’re a travel-weary vagabond beating on it for the past few years. If you are mostly in casual outfits anyway, like I am, then these are great. I tried it with the Seagale’s Performance Chinos rolled up, and they look pretty awesome.

  • Consider giving barefoot style running shoes a shot.
  • You don’t have to crank hard on the laces to get a good lockdown.
  • These lightweight shoes feature a stack height of 8.5mm, which is a bit higher than your typical barefoot shoe.
  • They not only look good but they have helped my balance so much.
  • But considering its superior natural feel and high-caliber running performance, it is a worthy investment for your training.

Take your thumb right here, wrap it around the heel. Keep this lace in between your big toe and your other toe. Today I’m going to be reviewing a pair of Huaraches Xero Shoes. Amuri Cloud ready-to-go lacing system requires patience and fiddling, I’ve had a hard time getting mine right for running.

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(It seemed to bump my big toes inward.) I loved the look of both styles but unfortunately knew they wouldn’t be comfortable for me. Now on to your reviews for your top 10 running shoes. But just curious if you had tried these and found them to be a more narrow profile, or if it was just me. Compared to other minimalist shoes for running and exercise, the Xero HFS is a lightweight road running shoe. This gives it a more ground feel, along with improved comfort, almost as if you were running barefoot. In terms of comfort, the Xero HFS barefoot running shoes receive high marks.

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That matches my experience with Xero shoes as well. I’m 10.5 for Merrell Vapor Glove and trail glove 4, but I had to exchange a 10.5 for an 11 Xero Speed Force. I also have size 10 Z-trail and Cloud and they are on the edge of too small. Make sure to order a half-size larger than normal. I’ve had to stay on them to receive a refund for a pair of shoes that were too small. Had to call them ON THE 10TH BUSINESS DAY to make sure they issued a refund.

I buy the gear I test and may earn commissions on sales made through xero vs quickbooks online on my site. In this Xero Shoes Prio review, I’m going to cover all of the essential details that you need to know about this model before you invest. This is consistent throughout testing and many studies.

I Use My HANA’s For Walking, Running, And Hiking!

At RunAbout Sports, the https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ting process starts with measuring both feet while you’re standing up. That’s important, because there can be as much as full size-worth of difference between your right and left, Bowersock says. They’ll run through a similar assessment to the one mentioned earlier to find the right fit for you. Let me remind you that the Prio is a road/fitness shoe, yet the chevron-treaded sole gave me the confidence they would have enough traction for road, trail, ocean, and mountain wear. I wear these barefoot shoes every day, be it at work or when I’m out and about in my private life. Compared to other barefoot minimalist trainer shoes.

For the Xero Shoes Speed Force, you can expect to pay $109 USD. I think this price point could be hit or miss depending on what you want out of your barefoot shoes. If you like training in this context with just socks, but can’t do so in your gym, then this would be a good barefoot shoe to give you a similar feel without annoying your gym’s staff. For lifting, the Xero Shoes Speed Force is a pretty good barefoot shoe. While it’s not necessarily designed for strictly lifting, if you plan to lift here and there in this model, then I think it will perform pretty well for lifting contexts.

On the other hand, the materials used in most of the Xero shoe collections are forgiving and may fit a variety of deeper, broader feet. However, this may sometimes cause one to feel unsafe while switching directions. They are a great hybrid barefoot lifting and running shoe with a reasonable price range and a robust top design. However, I am not interested in focusing on their advertising or word of mouth. Instead, I want to look at their shoes, which claim to have a smooth, natural fit and feel.

Furthermore, the Xero HFS has stellar flexibility, lightweight, breathable uppers, spacious toe boxes, along with no conventional support points on the outsole. But if you have just begun your journey towards barefoot training or running, there is a removable insole to help with the transition. The lightweight makes the Xero HFS excellent as both a minimal daily training shoe and uptempo/racing shoe for those looking to run fast in as little as possible). I was able to do strides on road and found the shoe easy to turn over in once my legs got used to firm ground.

They are barely noticeable (a men’s size nine is 4.6 ounces) – much less noticeable than any shoe or sandal I’ve ever owned. Those who’ve read Born to Run and done any research into the biomechanics of foot strikes realize Steven faced a tall task on Shark Tank. On the surface, a simple rubber running sole, a piece of lace, and a brief story about a fabled indian tribe does sound a bit far-fetched. Don’t buy these if you are expecting padding though.

I am a senior lady and I was looking for that barefoot feeling since I have neuropathy and need total comfort. I bought my Xero shoes from the Xero website, before Zappos carried them. I will buy my next pair from Zappos for the expedited shipping. These are not the most stylish sneakers in the world.

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Long After the Minimalist Revolution, Chris McDougall Returns with ….

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Because the outsole is thin and soft, it enhances every bump and divot you run over. Take out the insole if you want to feel closer to the ground! This allows you to hone in on your true barefoot running style. Xero Shoes have plenty of running shoe options, but the Speed Force is one that often gets overlooked! It’s the lightest in the range and almost feels like running in a sock! With a cut-down upper and a flexible sole, this could be one for those speed workouts.

The upper is equally minimal, allowing for a skin-tight fit and ensuring that your foot remains unhindered. If you’re looking to get as close to barefoot in minimal shoes as possible, this could be the shoe for you. With the 5000-mile sole guarantee, Xero Shoes are confident about longevity. All Xero Shoes have the 5000-mile sole guarantee, but I don’t think they can all achieve this.